Current Lab Members

Dr Julia Richardson (PI) 


Lu Zhang (PhD Student)


Alumni (Staff and PhD students)

 Dr Alina Gukova (now in Business Development)

Lee Armstrong (Now a PhD student at University of Dundee)

 Dr Simon Varzandeh (now at Senior Protein Scientist at Exscientia, Harwell)

Dr Elizabeth Morris (now an Assistant Professor at Durham University ) 



Dr Maryia Trubitsyna (now in Susan Rosser's lab)



Heather Grey (now with Steven Spoel) 



Bavanthi Navarathne (M. Res student) 



Emilija Ruksenaite (now in Patrick Heun's lab) 



Past Project Students (Masters, Undergraudate and Summer)

Jonida Tafilaku             Jessica Carter          Oana Telecan             Urszula Wolkowicz          

Robin Head-Fourman  Michael Robson        Amy Capper               Meghna Kataria

Kirsty Morton                Xieyang Guo            Elizabeth Pianca         Aksana Varabyova

Michael Timms             Kirsty McConnell      Rajani Balasubramanian     Mari Eltermann

Elizabeth Pianca          Shipra Bharati          Tiffany Au-Yuang          Lu Zhang

Grant Watt                    Lee Armstrong          Fong-Ling Chin            Anja van Genderen